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โครงการ – รีสอร์ทอีโคเกาะช้าง – มาร่วมกับเรา!

The hotel and resort industry on Koh Chang has taken the lead in implementing eco-friendly practices on the island. Several Koh Chang resorts and hotels already have begun successful green programs that have earned them government awards and praise from tourists worldwide.

If you own or manage a resort on Koh Chang, we invite you to join the Koh Chang Eco Resort Program. Our easy eco-friendly tips below will help your resort or hotel save energy and save money, while protecting Thailand’s natural resources.

Send us photos and details about your eco-friendly activities and we’ll promote your Thailand resort or hotel for free on the EcoKohChang.org website, our media kits, and our press releases!

Koh Chang Eco Resort Tips

Thailand: How to Save Energy & Save Money

1) Use solar energy products, such as solar garden lights, solar water heaters, and solar panels to generate free electricity.

2) Turn off lights when not in use; use motion detectors for lighting; and use energy efficient lights such as halogen incandescents, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

3) Use a keycard system to control electric use in guest rooms.

4) Make sure rooms are well sealed and insulated to reduce air-conditioning costs.

5) Clean air-conditioners regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.

6) Make good use of open areas, open windows, and fans to reduce the need for air-conditioning.

7) Offer free bikes to hotel and resort guests to reduce the need to travel by means which use gas or electricity.

8) Turn off electrical equipment like computers and printers when not in use.

9) Convert organic waste into bio-fuel which can be used for cooking.


Thailand: How to Save Natural Resources & Our Environment

1) Buy your fruits, vegetables, and herbs from local suppliers and (if possible) grow your own.

2) Compost your organic waste to use as fertilizer.

3) Recycle bottles, cans, plastics, and paper.

4) Build with recycled materials and purchase tables and chairs manufactured from recycled materials.

5) Treat waste water for reuse outside on resort property.

6) Monitor water usage and use water efficiently; for example, water gardens only in mornings and evenings and run dishwashers only when full.

7) Store rainwater for use in gardens and grassy areas.

8) Implement a chemical free water system in swimming pools and Jacuzzis.

9) Use chemical free cleaners, detergents, and soaps.

10) Offer guest soaps, shampoos, and conditioners in refillable bottles.

11) Establish a linen system where towels and sheets are replaced at the request of guests, not automatically every day.

12) Organize weekly cleaning efforts to ensure that the public areas and beaches around and near your resort are kept clean and free of garbage.

13) Establish staff training programs on conserving energy, recycling, and other eco-friendly practices.

14) Establish regular checks to ensure that eco-practices are being followed.

15) Post signs around resort reminding staff and visitors about what they can do to conserve energy and recycle.

Have a suggestion that we didn’t include above? Tell us! We will feature your suggestion and your resort or hotel at EcoKohChang.org.


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